A High-End Psilocybin Retreat
Focused on Human Connection

Facilitating deep human relationships through
mindfulness, team building, and creative expression.


We’ve created a retreat center unlike any other.

While most psilocybin centers create healing experiences focused on the individual, ours focus on developing deeper interpersonal relationships.

Our gorgeous facilities, expert staff, and trained facilitators create an experience that is specifically catered to your group.


Our beautiful facilities are housed in Jamaica. We book your airfare, provide all transportation, state of the art accomodations, and any special requests you might have during your stay.


By using mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation, team building activities developed by masters of interpersonal dynamics, and creative expression such as singing, painting, and dancing, our unique retreat experience provides the perfect environment for individuals to grow closer, develop trust, and form long lasting, meaningful relationships.


Our screening process is thorough and strives to make the experience safe for everyone involved. We'll ask you to fill out some short informational paperwork, get on a phone call, and begin to craft a retreat that will provide you with the best possible experience. Expect an email from us within 24 hours. We look forward to talking soon.
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